Survey Sites – The Good, the bad and the waste of time

Survey sites are a brilliant side hussle to earn some additional money in your savings pot each month, and tend to be a feature in many posts about earning additional income.

There are so many survey sights out there, that it can sometimes be overwhelming when you see so many people issuing referral codes on instagram, when you haven’t earned from the first one yet!?

This aim of this post is to give an honest opinion about some of the survey sites that I have tried.

This will include information on survey time accuracy, user-friendliness and an overall rating out of 10 to determine if it’s good, bad and or a complete and utter waste of your time.

These are my opinions only and should only be used as a guidance to help you on your pursuit to earning more money and becoming financially free.

The Results


  • Time accuracy: Slightly short, they usually take a minute or two longer
  • User friendliness: Site is easy to use & on multiple devices
  • Screening Out: Screened out very often, but so many surveys it seems to matter less
  • Site support: Very responsive
  • Cash out: Instant
  • Worst feature: Surveys are by external providers, so they don’t have control if you have answered a whole survey and are kicked out at the end
  • Best feature: Instant cash out of your amount (no minimum) to Paypal or to chosen charities. Gift card cash outs from £5
  • Rating: 8/10

Branded surveys

  • Time accuracy: So far, very accurate
  • User friendliness: I have found easy to use, but requires 1000 points to cash out so it’s a long-haul one
  • Screening out: Get screened out often, but 1 point each time you are
  • Site support: Not great – Slow responses when surveys are trying to sign you up to things
  • Cash out: via Branded Pay (BACS), PayPal or Gift Card
  • Worst feature: Surveys that show as listed and disappear immediately
  • Best feature: Exclusive surveys are very short and help you to top up your earnings
  • Rating: 6/10


  • Time accuracy: Very accurate
  • User friendliness: Easy to use, but you have to be quick to snatch them!
  • Screening out: Never get screened out, it’s made that way
  • Site support: Really responsive site support, and often support directly from the research provider
  • Cash out: at £5 via Paypal
  • Worst feature: It’s not app based so you have to use a web browser
  • Best feature: Surveys that invite you back for parts 1,2,3 etc.
  • Rating: 9/10


  • Time accuracy: ‘Pulses’ are so quick that time accuracy is almost irrelevant
  • User friendliness: App notifications and simple easy to use app
  • Screening out: It’s more a timing thing than being screened out, paid pulses get taken quickly so if you don’t have time to react to your phone notifications, it might not be for you
  • Site support: Never needed this, but lots of easy to find contact details
  • Cash out: At $20, which is converted into your local currency. The more pulses you do, the quicker you will reach $20
  • Worst feature: Paid pulses are few and far between
  • Best feature: Easy to respond and don’t require videos or long questions
  • Rating: 8/10


  • Time accuracy: Ok – Often states varies which is not useful!
  • User friendliness: Easy to use website, but spam-like emails
  • Screening out: High likelihood of being screened out
  • Site support: Surprisingly helpful amount of support information
  • Cash out: A fairly hefty £20 which seems to take forever to reach
  • Worst feature: Many spam like emails if you opt in, hence “Inbox” pounds
  • Best feature: Diversification of offers rather than just surveys
  • Rating: 4/10


  • Time accuracy: No time indication from the website or app – and I’ve had some really long surveys from here
  • User friendliness: Super easy and had no issues in terms of use
  • Screening out: Never been screened out, surveys are handpicked based on your profile
  • Site support: Support page is entirely in French! Even when you change to the English version it needs a good proof read
  • Cash out: An epic £50, which probably should have put me off before trying!
  • Worst feature: I’d like to put something else, but the cash out amount has to be the worst
  • Best feature: Surveys do not expire quickly, so you can turn up 2 days after receiving an email and do the survey
  • Rating: 3/10


  • Time accuracy: Exactly as they state, as you video yourself for the given time
  • User friendliness: Simple and easy to use application
  • Screening out: No screening out, you answer small surveys to qualify for videos
  • Site support: I’ve queried one of the videos which did not allow enough time to answer the questions and it was sorted very promptly
  • Cash out: £10 into Paypal which is pretty good
  • Worst feature: Not great if you don’t want to film yourself
  • Best feature: Videos take about 25 seconds only and pay up to £1
  • Rating: 7/10


  • Time accuracy: I would say it’s accurate, it also tells you if it requires a photo or video, which some of the surveys do
  • User friendliness: I had big issues with the app to begin with, it used to kick me out. Not sure if this is just my experience though! Now it works just fine
  • Screening out: You pick apps that are appropriate to you, so it’s unlikely that your surveys will be rejected
  • Site support: I’m going not brilliant on this one – again mainly my experience at the beginning of using the app
  • Cash out: Immediately after approval to Paypal – amazing!
  • Worst feature: If you don’t have pets you might feel left out, as they have lots of surveys targeted around pets and pet food!
  • Best feature: Minimum effort required, and you don’t wait for the money
  • Rating: 9/10

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  • Time accuracy: Polls rather than surveys – they take less than 10 seconds
  • User friendliness: Super easy to use, a bit like tinder for surveys which sounds strange, but you’ll know when you try it
  • Screening out: Not applicable
  • Site support: I’ve had zero issues, so nothing to report here
  • Cash out: £10 to Amazon gift cards (takes about a week) , or 9500 points towards planting trees
  • Worst feature: It’s a bit mundane, I get bored of the polls
  • Best feature: The effort required for normal surveys doesn’t exist, you can easily do this while watching a bit of Netflix
  • Rating: 8/10

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  • Time accuracy: Surveys tend to be longer than it states
  • User friendliness: Simple to use on both desktop and mobile (including the chrome extension)
  • Screening out: I feel like I always get screened out on the surveys!
  • Site support: Well broken down FAQs and easy to get into contact with the support team
  • Cash out: The cash out varies at different numbers of “Swagbucks”, but includes charities, Paypal, Amazon and Mastercard cash outs
  • Worst feature: The surveys are not the best, they tend to be long and they kick you out
  • Best feature: Far more extensive than surveys. Swagbucks includes offers for playing games, sign up deals, free trials, receipt scanning and more
  • Rating: 7/10

My top tip for Swagbucks is to try out the discover offers for free gift cards (Complete steps 1 & 2, but not step 3). It often pays out instantly without having completed the offer. I can’t explain how or why but it’s brilliant.

I hope this post has given you a good idea about some of the different survey sites which are available, including their good and bad points, plus an idea of how to cash out and how long you might be using a site before you are able to get your money.

There are also many other survey sites which are not included in this post, which may be very lucrative. I have tried to give you an honest picture of the sites which I use regularly.

This post is based entirely upon my experiences using the different websites or applications. You might have different experiences which you wish to share in the comments.

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