Gener8 – How can you earn money from your browser?

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There are many ways of earning money through your internet browser and from the searches you make whilst on the browser. Gener8 is a brilliant way of earning some additional passive income.

What is Gener8?
Gener8 photo showing the extension on a computer, phone and tablet.

Gener8 is a very cool extension that you can add to your internet browser (it is currently available on Firefox and Chrome, and work is being done to allow the extension to work on Safari) which simply put, generates tokens which can be exchanged for gift cards.

How do I install Gener8?

Visit the Gener8 ads website. Click either ‘Add to Chrome’ and this will take you to the Chrome Store, or if you’re on Firefox select ‘Add to Firefox’.

Log into your account, or sign up for an account to begin. Ensure that the extension is enabled at all times. You can use Gener8 on multiple browsers, so it is worth setting it up to avoid missing out on tokens.

What do I have to do in return?

Simply put, nothing – Gener8 will replace traditional banner ads (the side of website adverts) with their own advertisements. Every time you view one of these on a site, you automatically earn tokens to your account.

How do I exchange tokens?

If you are in the UK, you can use the Gener8 marketplace to exchange your earned tokens into either gift cards, products or charity donations.

How many tokens do I need to get a voucher?

50 tokens = £5 Amazon gift card.

The amount of time taken to earn the tokens will vary depending on your internet use, especially because at the moment the extension is only available via a laptop or desktop, and cannot be used on mobiles.

That being said, according to Gener8, the average user can earn 5-10 tokens a day. Nothing to be sniffed at!

Is there a way to earn more tokens?

You can earn tokens from Gener8 faster if you refer your friends and family to use the extension too. Each referral that signs up will get 50 tokens (£5 equivalent), and in turn you will earn 10 tokens.

You can also earn more tokens by completing your preferences in your profile. Doing this will enable Gener8 to offer more personalised advertisements, and therefore charging a higher rate to the advertiser. This means you will see more adverts, and earn more tokens.

Win win.

How many products / gift cards can I exchange?

You can only purchase 1 product per week (This is to allow all users to get their hands on the products).

Gift vouchers can be exchanged as often as you wish, but remember the more you save, the more you can exchange. For example 500 tokens will get you an Amazon Echo Dot.

What else can you tell me?

Gener8 also have other extensions that also help you to earn tokens.

Gener8 Tabs is a different browser extension that enables you to earn every time you open a new tab.

Did you know that the average person opens 25 tabs per day?

Every tab you open will have a background image on it, which includes an advert that’s tailored to your preferences.

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