Earn additional money by Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is a popular sport amongst savvy savers throughout the country.

This post will tell you a little about UK mystery shopping companies and help you to set yourself up as a mystery shopper.

I have a full time job and therefore do not try to earn significant income by mystery shopping, however I do enjoy free food and experiences. It is an added extra to my normal salary.

You must remember that mystery shopping is a taxable income, therefore it is best to check before your side income becomes expensive. If you are a standard rate tax payer in the UK, you can earn £1000 tax free alongside your normal income.

What is mystery shopping?

In short, is a way for businesses, particularly within the hospitality and retail sectors to check that they are providing the correct and adequate level of customer service and user experience expected.

As a shopper, you can sign up for jobs, and then must review or rate your experiences with that particular business. You might have to visit the shop or buy a product online.

There are lots of types of mystery shops, from eating at a restaurant, to shopping for clothes and even staying in hotels for overnight stays.

How do I sign up?

There are many different companies to sign up with. Visits and payment amounts do vary.

One thing to be aware of, is that you might need to set aside time to sign up as a shopper. Most companies require a sign up process. This may take the form of a draft mystery shop report, basic literacy or comprehension exercises.

A list of mystery shop companies to try:

  1. HGEM Mystery dining
  2. Redwigwam
  3. Proinsight
  4. IPSOS
  5. Helion
  6. Grass Roots
  7. Retail Active
  8. Amber Arch
  9. Tern
  10. Maru Matchbox
  11. ESA Retail
  12. GBW
  13. Bare International


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